Why Indian Furniture Is In Huge Demand Worldwide?

Indian Furniture Industry

Furniture has always been one of the most sought-after commodities, especially in recent times. This is because more construction and decoration needs have become apparent with the growth of the real estate and hospitality sectors amongst others.

Even more, the growing new trend of working from home because of the Covid-19 pandemic has made the demand for home furniture skyrocket considerably since last year.

The Indian furniture industry is not left out in this bubbling frenzy. An otherwise slow-paced economic sector in the Indian market has now garnered more market interest and value all over the world.

Both home and abroad, the demand for Indian furniture keeps topping the charts, and for good reason. This is seen in the current results and predictions of the market margin growth of the Indian furniture industry.

Best of Exports is inclined to providing you with the best furniture options, which ensure you, tap into the sought-after furniture market of India.

In addition, if you need more convincing, as to why you should explore the Indian furniture market or you need an understanding of the outstanding features helping boost the Indian furniture industry the world over. Then keep reading as we provide you some of the reasons below:

Indian Furniture Manufacturers use Solid Wood 

India is home to variously known hardwood timber like Sheesham, teakwood, etc. One of the defining factors of Indian furniture acceptance all over the world is the use of solid wood by Indian furniture manufacturers.

This is because of the high-level demand for furniture made out of solid wood. The reason is this, these kind of furniture are more or less the most durable in the market because it is not prone to easy wear and tear from the elements.

In addition, proper design, maintenance, and care can make the wood furniture stand the test of time in any setting, whether home usage, office, hospitality, or any form of commercial usage.

Manufacturers focus on Handmade Furniture

One of the most recognized aspects of the furniture industry in India is handmade furniture. The Indian handmade furniture sector accounts for a huge part of the Indian furniture industry in terms of manufacturing and revenue.

Before now, demand was mostly home-based or limited export options were available. However, the current market dominance of Jodhpur furniture exporters has seen to the far reach of Indian furniture including handmade furniture.

The desire for handmade furniture exporters and manufacturers in the world today can be attributed to certain concerns, one of which is the appearance of affluence and aesthetic appeal. Generally, handmade furniture tells a story of sweat and beauty exotically, which is why most people want a piece of handmade Indian furniture in their space.

Asides from this, handmade furniture ensures strong quality as the manufacturer carves and couples the furniture neatly while inspecting the work. Even more, customers can acquire customized furniture designs to suit their design needs.

Exporters offer a wide Variety of Materials

Some of the best Indian furniture manufacturers understand the importance of variety in product design and that is another thing the Indian furniture market offers which is helping boost the industry.

Asides from the use of solid wood in furniture construction, Indian furniture manufacturers implore the use of other high-quality materials that are alternative to wood-like bone inlay, granite, marble, metal, leather, etc.

Some of these options provide better usage spaces and can be more cost-effective than others can. Bottom line is, the fact that you can get just about any type of furniture you want and in any material and design, you want and for good quality and competitive prices, makes the Indian furniture market a go-to place for buyers worldwide.

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