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    Best Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturer India

    Nowadays if you are looking for furniture design options, there are plenty of places to look for. However, if you want a manufacturer where you can blindly trust the products to be of superior quality, you should try Best of Exports. We are most trusted solid wood furniture manufacturers in India and uses some of the best quality solid mango, acacia and sheesham wood to craft the furniture items. The wood used to craft custom solid wood furniture is very well seasoned and treated to ensure that nothing can harm them. Thus, when you buy from Best of Exports, you are sure to get something that you can use for a very long time.

    Custom Solid Wood Furniture

    Planning to buy a customized piece made as per your taste and requirement is surely a thing to cherish for. But finding a right team to work on the same is equally challenging. But if you are reading this then we must say you have landed at right place. If you are planning to buy Industrial Furniture which gives you a amalgam of looks with comfort then we will make sure to exceed your expectations in all fronts.


    We design furniture as per your requirements.

    • Get 3D drawings of each product before execution
    • Choose from wide variety of finishes available
    • Get furniture delivered at your doorstep.

    What makes us different ?

    Customisation surely depicts a person’s sense of style, sophistication and elegance. And the right execution of those designs truly translates it all. We understand the importance of execution and refinement and that’s what we strive for. From us you can expect nothing but the best of execution, the best of quality and the Best Of Exports.

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    Solid Wood Furniture Exporters from India

    Every house needs different pieces of furniture to make a home out of it. Talking of furniture, one material that is most sought after is wood. Wood has a unique and aesthetically string appeal that makes it such a likable material for furniture. Solid wood furniture in India is loaded with naturally obtained impressive grain patterns that give an elegant charm to any room in your house. Whether you have decorated your home with modern solid wood furniture or the age-old traditional ones, you are sure to awe any guest who comes to your place.

    Another great thing about us, is that we have a plethora of designs to feature. Quality powered by versatile designs is a great combination allowing you to get the best version of whatever design you like. The custom solid wood furniture that you will purchase from Best of Exports come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and it is easy to get the perfect fit even if space is a constraint for you. Our products are so wonderfully crafted that we are popular for our quality not only in India but also abroad.

    Our Solid Wood Furniture Collections

    When you start shopping at one of the finest solid wood manufacturers in India, you are sure to have a grand experience from it. No matter what kind of solid wood furniture export you may be looking for, you are sure to find it with them. Beds closets, cabinets, wardrobes, desks, tables, chairs, sofa sets- you name it, and the furniture is available with them. In fact, every item is available in a variety of styles to ensure that each individual gets exactly what they are looking for. Some of the finest collections that you will find at the Best of Exports store are listed as follows.

    • Solid Wood Dining Table

      The dining room is a very welcoming place where the entire family gets to sit together at the end of the day and spent quality time together. Thus, the solid wood dining table is the ideal way to celebrate such a grand time. It is designed in many variants such that it can accommodate different numbers of people.
    • Solid Wood Coffee Table

      A coffee table is an attractive showpiece added to enhance the beauty of the living room. Solid wood is one of the most strikingly beautiful materials that you will ever find, and thus going for the solid wood coffee table is a great choice.
    • Solid Wood TV Stand

      A TV stand is the center of attention in the living room and thus should be attractive and useful. You get the best of both worlds if you choose the solid wood TV stand to go in your living room.
    • Solid Wood Desk / Study Table

      The place of study or work should be so built that it eases you into your work. A study table made from solid wood is a great way to ensure that and thus this table from Best of Exports could be a handy tool.
    • Solid Wood Dresser

      A dresser in the bedroom is an important piece of furniture that should last long and have lots of storage space. When you go for the solid wood dresser, you will get all of it in one simple unit.
    • Solid Wood Bed Frame

      A bed frame should be solid such that it can easily support all the load upon it. Thus, going for the solid wood bed frame is the ideal choice since it is more sturdy and classy than anything else.