Selecting the appropriate furniture for your hotel is essential in creating a unique atmosphere. Hotel tables serve more than just practical purposes; they can have an enormous effect on guest experiences. Best of Exports understands the significance of quality hotel tables that look stylish and last. Our specialty lies in crafting high-quality tables that will wow guests and add to the ambience of your establishment.


  • Over 500+ Bespoke Designs Available
  • Customer Focused Personal Approach
  • Customization Available As Required

Commercial Hotel Table Manufacturers in India

Best of Exports is India's premier commercial hotel table manufacturer. Our team of experts strive to create high-quality tables that are both functional and stylish, adhering to stringent quality control standards for long lasting products. No matter the size you need, we have the expertise and experience necessary to meet your requirements. For more information about our hotel tables or to discover how we can enhance your establishment's atmosphere, contact us today!

Discover Our Selection of Hotel Tables

Best of Exports offers an extensive selection of hotel tables suitable for all establishments. Our dining tables, coffee tables and study tables are both functional and beautiful; made from top-grade materials that can be customized to match your hotel's décor.:

  • Hotel Dining Tables:

    Hotel dining tables are an essential feature of any restaurant or dining room, and Best of Exports has a wide range of them to choose from in various shapes, sizes, and finishes to create both functional and fashionable spaces. No matter your style preference - there's sure to be a hotel dining table that meets all your requirements!

  • Hotel Coffee Tables:

    The coffee table is often the focal point of a hotel's waiting or lounge area. Best of Exports has an extensive selection of hotel coffee tables in various styles and finishes, such as classic wooden designs or modern glass/metal combos. Each table is both functional and stylish - you're sure to find your ideal pick from our collection.

  • Hotel Study Tables:

    A dedicated workspace in your hotel is increasingly essential as more business travelers visit. Best of Exports offers a selection of hotel study tables in various sizes and finishes that can hold laptops, papers, and other work-related items. By giving guests this comfortable area to work in during their stay at your establishment, they'll become more productive and enjoy an improved experience at your establishment.


We design furniture as per your requirements.

  • Get 3D drawings of each product before execution
  • Choose from wide variety of finishes available
  • Get furniture delivered at your doorstep.

Hotel Tables: Excite Your Guests with Style!

In the hospitality industry, first impressions matter. Your hotel should be a welcoming space where guests feel comfortable and at ease. High-quality hotel tables offer both practicality and aesthetics - they can be used for dining as well as socializing. Create an inviting space that leaves guests with a lasting impression today!