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    Wholesale Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers in India

    Outdoor furniture units are specially built such as to withstand many extreme conditions. The furniture items that you use within the confines of your home are not prone to the effects of nature such as rainfall (moisture), sunlight (UV light), dust and wind (corrosion), and so on. These natural occurrences mar the texture and color of your furniture items and may even lead to massive physical or microbial degradation. If you are looking for wholesale outdoor furniture, then you have to choose items that are processed such that they can withstand these natural factors. for that, you need outdoor furniture manufacturers and the Internet is filled with such suppliers. We are also an outdoor furniture supplier that uses alternative materials to craft our wares. Alternative materials such as wood, metal, cane and rattan are regularly used in different furniture items such as armchairs and coffee tables which add an attractive look.

    Custom Outdoor Furniture

    Best of Exports has a bagful of surprises to offer! When you shop with this outdoor furniture manufacturer, you can not only choose from a range of furniture styles but may also go for customized options. This further enables you to order to the necessary specifications to ensure that the items are a perfect fit. You can easily go for wholesale options for use in such places as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, bars, and so on.


    We design furniture as per your requirements.

    • Get 3D drawings of each product before execution
    • Choose from wide variety of finishes available
    • Get furniture delivered at your doorstep.

    What makes us different ?

    Customisation surely depicts a person’s sense of style, sophistication and elegance. And the right execution of those designs truly translates it all. We understand the importance of execution and refinement and that’s what we strive for. From us you can expect nothing but the best of execution, the best of quality and the Best Of Exports.

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    • Over 500+ Bespoke Designs Available
    • Customer FocusedPersonal Approach
    • Customization Available As Required


    Our Expert Team Is Committed To Help You Out In Sourcing Best Quality Furniture At Affordable Prices. Call Us To Discuss About Your Queries Or Visit Our Place To Feel The Art Behind Manufacturing Every Piece.

      Wooden & Metal Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers in India

      One of the many outdoor furniture suppliers that you have find over the Internet is Best of Exports. Well, we are very genuine and you can depend on us when choosing furniture for your restaurant, café, bar, home or any other setup. We produce brilliant furniture items with superb styles that are ideal to set your restaurant up in different styles of décor. It is also ensured that the best possible material is always used to craft the different furniture items. At Best of Exports, wholesale outdoor furniture is crafted from different materials such as wood or metal. Such choices make this place an even more impressive store to shop for furniture items.

      Our Outdoor Furniture Collection

      The thing about Best of Exports that will captivate you the most is the range of furniture items that you can find on the site. All kinds of furniture pieces that could be required in different setups are easily found with us. Thus it is very easy to get some of the best wholesale outdoor furniture from us. The items are designed in different ways to suit your taste. Whether you want to give your place a touch of magnificence or sheer, sophisticated, elegance, it is completely up to you from the range of furniture items that we provide. We also ensure that the items are available in different sizes to fit all kinds of spaces.

      To top it all, we are an outdoor furniture manufacturer who uses different and finishes giving you different looks in the wood or metallic furniture pieces. Such attractive finishes also allow you to set your place exactly how you want it to be.

      • Wooden Outdoor Furniture

        The wooden outdoor furniture series has some of the most impressive items that Best of Exports has to offer. Chairs and table sets that go in restaurants, bars, or cafes are available in plenty at our store. The wooden body adds an essence of aestheticism to the place you are decorating.
      • Metal Outdoor Furniture

        There are many metal outdoor furniture that you will find at Best of Exports. The most impressive thing about such furniture items is that they could last a very long time. The metallic framework in the furniture pieces adds to their robustness making them sturdier and more capable of withstanding loads.

      Outdoor Furniture Suppliers in India

      The industry of Best of Exports is situated in Jodhpur where modern wood processing equipment is used to craft furniture items. this also adds to the genuineness of the furniture items crafted by us. This ensures that all the joints, all the bents, everything in the furniture item are just perfect. The perfection adds to the life of the product since the product automatically functions much better.

      Best of exports is a trusted place to buy furniture items not only within but also outside of India. We are very reliable since we always provide high-quality furniture items.This coupled with the amazing and functional designs makes us an impressive dealer of such items. The use of alternative materials adds to the charm of the furniture items that are manufactured. You can also order furniture items wholesale from this place. All of these make Best of Exports a truly remarkable place to look for furniture items.