As a hotel owner or manager, you understand the significance of providing your guests with the best experience during their stay. From amenities to room decor, every detail matters. At Best of Exports, we believe that selecting quality hotel beds can have an immense impact on how comfortable, durable, and stylish guests have an enjoyable stay. That is why we strive to offer you high-quality beds that meet these criteria.


  • Over 500+ Bespoke Designs Available
  • Customer Focused Personal Approach
  • Customization Available As Required

Premier Hotel Bed Manufacturers in India

Best of Exports is one of the premier hotel bed manufacturers in India. We take great pride in creating custom hotel beds tailored to each client's specific needs and desires, using only top-tier materials and techniques for long-lasting durability, comfort, and style. With us, you're guaranteed a high-quality hotel bed that meets all your expectations!

Our Collection of Hotel Beds

We offer a vast collection of hotel beds, each designed to suit different tastes and preferences. Our collection includes:

  • Wooden Bed:

    Our wooden hotel beds are made with high-quality wood such as teak, oak and rosewood. Perfect for hotels looking to create a timeless aesthetic in their rooms, our beds come in various styles and finishes such as natural wood, distressed or painted finishes. Not only are these durable but easy to maintain too - these wooden pieces will last for years!

  • Metal Bed:

    Looking for a sleek, minimalist aesthetic in your hotel rooms? Our metal hotel beds are the ideal solution. Crafted from high-quality metal such as stainless steel or iron, these beds come in various finishes such as polished, brushed or painted options. Not only are these durable beds easy to maintain but also perfect for hotels looking to create a contemporary aesthetic in their rooms.

  • Cane Bed:

    Our cane hotel beds are the ideal choice for hotels looking to create a tropical or beachy vibe in their rooms. Crafted from high-quality cane, these beds come in various styles and finishes. Not only are our cane beds durable and easy to maintain, but they provide your guests with an enjoyable sleeping experience as well.

  • Upholstered Bed:

    Upholstered hotel beds are the ideal solution for hotels looking to provide their guests with a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience. Crafted from high-quality materials like velvet, leather and linen, our beds come in an array of colors and styles so you can choose one that matches your room perfectly. Not only are these beds comfortable and stylish; but also easy to maintain - making them an ideal addition to any hotel room.


We design furniture as per your requirements.

  • Get 3D drawings of each product before execution
  • Choose from wide variety of finishes available
  • Get furniture delivered at your doorstep.

Transform Your Hotel's Look with Our Beds

Improve the aesthetic of your establishment with our beds! At Best of Exports, we understand that your hotel's aesthetic appeal is just as important as its functionality. Our hotel beds are designed to enhance the ambience while offering your guests maximum comfort. Crafted from high-quality materials such as wood, metal, cane and upholstery for durability and long life; whether you prefer a classic wooden bed or contemporary upholstered one - we have plenty of options that will fit within any hotel's aesthetic.