Cane has become a very important material in the last few years and has successfully substituted solid wood in many instances. All kinds of furniture items can be crafted from cane and cane bar stools are no exception to that. Such items are also in very high demand in the international market and Best of Exports is a great place to look for such furniture items whether you are in India or outside. The thing about cane back bar stools is that they are aesthetically very pleasing and adds a charming appeal to the ambiance in your place. Whether you are looking for cane back counter stools to set up in your home or a restaurant, such products are very sturdy and look very attractive, to say the least.


  • Over 500+ Bespoke Designs Available
  • Customer Focused Personal Approach
  • Customization Available As Required

Cane Bar Stools Manufacturer from India

At Best of Exports, you will get some of the best cane counter stools anywhere in India. The thing about these cane back counter stools is that they are very strong and durable and looks terrific. The cane stools are made from some of the highest quality materials available which ensure that you can enjoy these furniture items for a long time. They are available in various kinds of finishes to be adaptable to various room décor setups. The designs also range from traditional looks to the most modern ideas, allowing you a very wide range of choices to choose from.


We design furniture as per your requirements.

  • Get 3D drawings of each product before execution
  • Choose from wide variety of finishes available
  • Get furniture delivered at your doorstep.

Finishes We Use to Style Cane Counter Stools

When you are looking for cane back bar stools, you are surely looking for some variations. You do not want your furniture to looking like the cane counter stools that some of your friends may have bought. A unique to is always sought after, and with the huge collection at Best of Exports, you can easily go for that unique touch:

  • Modern Cane Bar Stools:

    The set of modern cane back bar stools is an amazing set to go through and there is something for any design that you can think of. These finishes carry a modern outlook giving your place a modern makeover.

  • Vintage Cane Bar Stools:

    If you are looking for cane back counter stools that give off a vintage style, you will find so with them. These stools are prepared for homes with a vintage aura, built to preserve the traditional styles.

  • Wooden Cane Bar Stools:

    The wooden cane bar stools are stylish and solid and are likely to last you a very long time. These cane back counter stools are manufactured using both cane as well as solid wood.

Our Range of Products:

At Best of Exports, you will get some of the best deals on cane counter stools. There is a huge collection of cane back bar stools that you can browse through before making a choice. The sheer variety in designs is what makes this place so impressive.

  • Cane Back Bar Stools:

    If you are looking for cane back bar stools online, then this is the place to get the best designs out there.

  • Cane Back Counter Stools:

    There are many cane back counter stools available with Best of Exports. The back support is made using cane giving it an impressive look.

  • White & Black Cane Bar Stools:

    The White & black cane bar stools are loaded with a very fashionable look that can be easily housed in rooms with different décor styles. These cane counter stools give off a classy look making your place an interesting makeover. You can set up in a home with an aesthetically pleasing appeal. This will give off a relaxing feel at the end of a hard day or when you are chilling on the weekends.