There was a clear vision and goal in the minds of the founders of BOE, and that was- Empowerment. Empowering the craftsman, their skills, their community; empowering the customers with furniture that’s made to translate style and elegance for them; empower designs and their connection with the humanity and lastly unchallengeable empowerment for environment.
Empowering the Craftsmen

Empowering the Craftsmen and Artisans

At BOE innovation and dynamism is weaved into the very atmosphere. And it is very assuring for us when the innovation translates into designs that people love and translates into elegance and fineness.At BOE, the best of tool and vessels are provided to our artisans and craftsmen for them to be able to freely express their skill that they have mastered over the years. With a 2-month training period for craft enthusiasts and budding artisans, we believe in passing over the legacy to the newer generation and keeping the art alive. In the words of late Steve Jobs “innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” and the BOE family stands by it.

Empowering the clients

YOU MATTER TO US. In today’s day and age, businesses are often found with a one-track mind and that is to just reel in more customers by the day, thus leading to compromising with the quality and true beauty of solid wood furniture. At BOE we keep our existing clients in mind, and always focus on quality and refinement with every piece of furniture that we do for them.

Empowering the Clients
Care for the Environment

Care for the Environment

Since we don’t plan on running out of wood, at BOE we are mindful of our sources. We actively stand by our belief in dynamic & mutually benefitting growth process to promote humane sourcing of wood & sustainability while minimizing the harm done to the eco system. From reclaimed to recycled, involving metals into the works and gradually minimizing the wastage of wood to rain water harvesting, the initiatives never end.


An all-rounder custom furniture expert, BOE designs, manufactures and provides for commercial, residential, hospitality and other retail sectors. We work in close proximity with architects, interior designers, furniture stores and clients both nationally and internationally. All while delivering quality, refinement and superiority with every piece of furniture that we produce.