Restaurant tables are an integral element of any dining experience, serving as the focal point where customers can gather to enjoy their meals in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. At Best of Exports, we specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality restaurant tables that can fit perfectly into any dining space. Using cutting edge manufacturing techniques and quality materials, our tables not only look stylish and elegant but also long-lasting. Our skilled craftsmen use their expertise to craft unique designs that will add visual interest to your restaurant while creating a memorable dining experience for guests.


  • Over 500+ Bespoke Designs Available
  • Customer Focused Personal Approach
  • Customization Available As Required

Wholesale Restaurant Tables Manufacturers in India

Best of Exports is a premier wholesale restaurant table manufacturer in India, specializing in designing and manufacturing high-quality furniture for businesses in the hospitality sector. Our collection of restaurant tables fits perfectly into any dining space such as cafes, restaurants, bars or hotels - each one made with top notch materials that not only last long but also look great! Whether you need something simple or customized, our solutions come in various materials, finishes and sizes to suit any business need.

Restaurant Tables Size & Dimensions:

2 Seater Tables 24" x 24" 24" 24" x 30"
4 Seater Tables 36" x 36" 36" 24" x 48"
6 Seater Tables 42" x 42" 42" 30" x 60"
8 Seater Tables 48" x 48" 48" 30" x 72"

Restaurant Tables Designs and Collection:

There is an array of restaurant table designs and collections available. Popular choices include wooden, metal, 4-seater and 6-seater options. Each type offers its own advantages so it should be chosen based on the restaurant's needs as well as style preferences.

  • Wooden Restaurant Tables:

    Wooden restaurant tables are a timeless classic choice and ideal for creating an inviting atmosphere. They come in various styles and finishes that can be tailored to match the decor of the restaurant, while being relatively lightweight so they're easy to move around.

  • Metal Restaurant Tables:

    Metal restaurant tables are an ideal choice for restaurants with a modern or industrial vibe. Not only are they strong and durable, but also easy to clean and maintain - making them ideal for busy establishments.

  • 4-Seater Tables for Restaurants:

    Our 4-seater restaurant tables are the ideal choice for small groups or intimate dining experiences. With a range of wooden and metal options, you're sure to find the ideal match for your dining space.

  • 6-Seater Tables for Restaurants:

    Our 6-seater restaurant tables are ideal for larger groups or family dining experiences, offering ample seating. Plus, they make great buffet tables as they have enough room to set out a spread!

Things to Consider when Selecting Tables for Restaurant?

When selecting tables for restaurants, it's essential to choose those which offer comfort and functionality. Comfort can make all the difference in providing customers with a pleasant dining experience. Tables should be constructed with quality and durability, providing guests with a comfortable seating area. Additionally, the size of the table must be taken into account so it can accommodate the number of diners expected at dinner. At Best of Exports, we take great care in crafting tables that not only use quality materials but are precision engineered for durability and longevity. With an extensive selection of styles, materials, and colors available to choose from, you're sure to find the ideal table that complements your unique vision and aesthetic.