A side table is a small and impressive piece of furniture that adds to the look of a room while also ensuring added functionality. Any side table serves mainly two purposes- to fill up an empty area and to be used as a smaller storage unit. If you go for cane side table you will be making an excellent choice, as cane itself has a unique touch that is unlike anything you may find on wood. Such side tables can be added to the living room or the dining room or any other place where they may find usability.


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Cane Side Table Manufacturer from India

When you are looking for cane side table online, it is very easy to come across the best of Exports website. They make amazing side tables from, wood, rattan, and cane and are always sure to use the highest quality material available to them. The tables are very durable and have innovative designs such that they can easily perform both their functions. The side tables are also very sturdy which imparts a long life to these tables.

Our Caned Side Table Collections

When you are browsing through a series of cane side tables at Best of Exports, you will find that they host a plethora of designs. These tables can be used under different décor styles and also in different places within the home:

  • White Cane Side Table:

    The white cane side table is an elegant piece of furniture that goes well if the other furniture items are also white. This makes way for a pleasing and comfortable look in your place.

  • Black Cane Side Table:

    If you want to endow your living room with a classy outlook, then you should try the black cane side table. this table looks aesthetically pleasing and may even be used in the bedroom.

  • Small Cane Side Tables:

    A small cane side table is just the ideal piece of furniture to go for when you are trying to decorate a less spacious space. Such a table holds the charm while not taking up too much space.

  • Round Cane Side Table:

    If you go for the round cane side table, you will be going for one of the most versatile options available at Best of Exports. This table suits well with both vintage and modern home décor styles.

  • Cane Rattan Side Table:

    The cane rattan side table is an amazing blend of two woody materials with strength and resilience similar to that of any solid wood side table.

  • Curvy Cane Side Table:

    If you are looking for an incredibly stylish unit to bring to your home to give off a chic and hip look, then you should try the curvy cane side table.

  • Vintage Cane Side Table:

    Last but not least, if you like to go for that touch of elegance and grandeur, then a vintage cane side table is what will look best at your place.


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Wholesale Cane Side Table Supplier from India

Best of Exports is a reputable maker of different furniture items from wood and woody materials in India. They have customers not only in India but also caters to the international market. Whether you are shopping for a single side table for your home or going for a lot for your office furnishing you will easily find what you are looking for at Best of Exports.