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    Best Cane Furniture Manufacturer In India

    If you look for both elegance and comfort when it comes to buying a piece of furniture, you cannot afford to overlook cane furniture. There are various cane furniture manufacturer in India. However, you must look for quality and best price while selecting a company. We are operating in the furniture industry for a long time and are one of the leading manufactures and suppliers of Rattan and Cane Furniture. From living room to dining room – our furniture can suit your requirement perfectly. Our range of furniture includes chair, stools, bench, sofa, sideboard, cabinets, nightstand, media console and many more. Buy custom cane furniture from us and take your relaxation experience to the next level.


    We design furniture as per your requirements.

    • Get 3D drawings of each product before execution
    • Choose from wide variety of finishes available
    • Get furniture delivered at your doorstep.

    Custom Cane Furniture

    Planning to buy a customized piece made as per your taste and requirement is surely a thing to cherish for. But finding a right team to work on the same is equally challenging. But if you are reading this then we must say you have landed at right place. If you are planning to buy Industrial Furniture which gives you a amalgam of looks with comfort then we will make sure to exceed your expectations in all fronts.

    What makes us different ?

    Customisation surely depicts a person’s sense of style, sophistication and elegance. And the right execution of those designs truly translates it all. We understand the importance of execution and refinement and that’s what we strive for. From us you can expect nothing but the best of execution, the best of quality and the Best Of Exports.

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    • Over 500+ Bespoke Designs Available
    • Customer FocusedPersonal Approach
    • Customization Available As Required


    Our Expert Team Is Committed To Help You Out In Sourcing Best Quality Furniture At Affordable Prices. Call Us To Discuss About Your Queries Or Visit Our Place To Feel The Art Behind Manufacturing Every Piece.

      Indian Cane Furniture Manufacturer & Exporter from Jodhpur

      If you look for rattan and cane furniture manufacturers in India on the web, you will come across numerous results. All of them will claim themselves to be the best furniture provider. It’s quite natural to get overwhelmed among so many options. That’s why you must be on a lookout to find the right company that offers you stunning pieces of furniture at a reasonable price.

      And your search ends here. We offer a wide range of Indian cane furniture that can perfectly meet your requirement. Our pieces of furniture are of high-quality. They are sturdy enough to take the load of the users. On the other hand, they have a refined finish and can take the appearance of your home to the next level. We have different modern rattan furniture. Take a look at our product catalogue and pick the one that suits your requirement and budget. We’re sure that you will love the experience.

      Different Styles We Serve

      As one of the leading cane furniture manufactures, we curate different types of modern and antique furniture for a global clientele. Our clientele includes leading resorts, hotels, corporate and clubs. We have an extensive collection of rattan furniture to enhance the look of your home, poolside, terrace, garden, balcony, and lawn. We can customize our furniture pieces and ensure to turn your outdoor or indoor space into a blissful one. From deck chairs to balcony dining sets, tea tables to swigs – we have a wide range of furniture at an affordable price. Check out our range in the following sections:

      • Modern Cane Furniture

        As a reliable Indian cane furniture manufacturer, we offer an exquisite collection of modern furniture including sofa set, cane chair, stool, bed, tables, and dining sets. Each of the products has distinguishing features and can enhance the look of your indoor or outdoor space. Take a tour of our product gallery.

      • Indoor Cane Furniture

        If you are looking for attractive indoor rattan furniture, you are in the right place. From bed to swings, chair to the stool – we got a whole collection ready. Our antique and modern furniture is well appreciated by a global clientele. Each piece of furniture has its own charm and can take your interior decoration to a new height.

      • Antique Cane Furniture

        If you are looking to buy antique furniture, we got you covered. Our wholesale pieces are cost-effective and can charm you with their appearance. They are built with genuine material and have an elegant appeal. To get a closer look at it, simply visit our product gallery now.

      Our Cane Furniture Product Range

      We have a wide range of cane back furniture products. As one of the leading furniture manufacturers, we take care of the quality and the price point of each of the furniture available at our store. The products are sturdy and can befit different places. For instance, you can place our rattan furniture in an indoor or outdoor space. No matter wherever you place it, it will have a distinguishing effect. Go through the following sections to take a closer look at the types of Indian cane furniture we offer to a wide clientele. Contact us for more information about the items.

      • Cane Chairs & Bar Stools

        Our cane chairs and bar stools are in high demand these days. You can buy wholesale furniture from us if you need a lot of stools or chairs for your commercial space.

      • Cane Bed & Sofa

        Cane bed and sofa have a unique appeal to the customers. If you want to give your age-old wooden bed and sofa a break and try unique custom cane furniture directly from manufacturers, contact us today.

      • Cane Cabinets & Sideboards

        Indian cane furniture comes in different designs. If you want to add a distinct charm to your space, cane cabinets and sideboards are a must-have.

      • Cane Tables & Nightstands

        Cane tables and nightstands are in huge demand these days. Make sure to pick your favorite piece at our store. We offer the best pricing at each product.

      Custom Cane Furniture Exporter from India

      We operate as a custom cane furniture exporter from India and offer quality furniture pieces to a global clientele. Purchase our outdoor and indoor furniture from the cane furniture manufacturers like us and transform your space into a beautiful one. We are sure you will love the sturdiness, simplicity, beauty and elegance of our furniture. Our furniture is well-appreciated among our clients due to their long-lastingness. To add our antique or modern furniture products in your collection, reach us now. Our furniture has the potential to transform the appeal of any space and your space sure deserves its elegance. We are a call away!