Restaurant booths provide an intimate dining experience for customers. Available in a range of materials from wood to metal and upholstered with fabrics, leathers or vinyls, booths provide privacy and help create a cozy atmosphere in an otherwise noisy restaurant. Best of Exports has the perfect booth solution to suit any need – our restaurant booths are made with top-quality materials so they’re not only durable but stylish as well. Whether you prefer classic designs or modern looks, we have the ideal booth option to suit your needs.


  • Over 500+ Bespoke Designs Available
  • Customer Focused Personal Approach
  • Customization Available As Required

Wholesale Restaurant Booth Manufacturers in India

We are one of the renowned wholesale restaurant booth manufacturers in India. Specializing in hospitality furniture, we have been manufacturing restaurant booths for years. Our booths are well-designed, comfortable and durable; using only quality raw materials to guarantee they meet the highest standards possible. Additionally, we offer custom-made furniture to fit our customers' needs at competitive prices with excellent customer service to guarantee they get quality furniture at an affordable price. Perfect for restaurants, bars or other hospitality establishments - our restaurant booths make perfect furniture pieces!

Restaurant Booths Designs and Collections:

At Restaurant Booths Designs & Collections, we have the perfect product to meet the requirements of any restaurant. All of our items are crafted with the highest quality materials in a range of sizes and finishes - whether classic or modern - so that you can create an inviting space in your establishment with ease. With our collection, you're sure to find exactly what you're searching for!

  • Upholstered Restaurant Booths:

    Upholstered restaurant booths provide a luxurious aesthetic and feel. They come in an array of fabrics, leathers, vinyls and can be customized with different colors and patterns for maximum warmth and inviting atmosphere. Upholstered booths make great choices when creating cozy environments at restaurants.

  • Wooden Booths for Restaurant:

    Wooden booths in restaurants provide a timeless and classic aesthetic. These booths can be made out of various types of wood such as acacia, oak, maple, sheesham or pine. Wooden booths create an inviting atmosphere that feels more traditional and intimate.

  • L-Shaped Booths for Restaurant:

    L-shaped booths are ideal for larger groups and can be used to divide a larger space into more intimate sections. Plus, they add visual interest in the dining area by creating visual interest.

  • Round or Curved Restaurant Booths:

    Round and curved restaurant booths provide a distinctive, stylish aesthetic for smaller gatherings, helping to create a more intimate atmosphere.


We design furniture as per your requirements.

  • Get 3D drawings of each product before execution
  • Choose from wide variety of finishes available
  • Get furniture delivered at your doorstep.

Designing an Inviting Dining Space with Restaurant Booths

Restaurant booths are a great way to create an inviting dining atmosphere. Not only do they provide comfortable seating, but they also add a touch of style and charm to the restaurant's overall ambiance. Booths can be designed with vibrant colors, prints and patterns to bring a splash of personality into the dining area. Furthermore, they come in an assortment of shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of any restaurant. Restaurant booth seating can create an inviting atmosphere that encourages conversations and makes diners feel at ease. Furthermore, these booths offer guests a sense of privacy while they savor their meal. With the right furniture and decor, restaurant booths make great additions to any dining space.