A nightstand is a crucial piece of furniture that goes in the bedroom. It can be as small or as big you want it to be but are generally available in compact dimensions. If you go for cane nightstands you will not only get a handy piece of furniture for your home but also something uniquely attractive. With the cane nightstand at your place, you can tap into a great look with a fresh new appeal for your bedroom. There are many cane nightstand manufacturers in India, but Best of Exports is likely to be one of the best out there.


  • Over 500+ Bespoke Designs Available
  • Customer Focused Personal Approach
  • Customization Available As Required

Cane Nightstands Manufacturer from India

At Best of Exports, you will find one of the finest collections of furniture units made from alternative materials other than wood. Woody materials such as cane and rattan are regularly used to manufacture different furniture items. Best of Exports also ensures that they use some of the best kinds of materials available to make their cane nightstands.
They are a very reliable cane nightstands manufacturer from India and give you products with superior strength and attractive looks. The cane nightstands are available in different sizes to get you just the right bit of furniture for space available in your bedroom. The varying designs such as the black caned nightstand or the blue caned nightstand offer you unique options to choose from.
You will also find cane nightstands built to suit different décor styles. You will get a nightstand that has a rustic and traditional look while another that features a modern and sophisticated look. This makes it easier for you to choose to depend upon the kind of décor at your place from this cane nightstands manufacturer. All the products are made using premium materials and thus you can expect a long life from them.


We design furniture as per your requirements.

  • Get 3D drawings of each product before execution
  • Choose from wide variety of finishes available
  • Get furniture delivered at your doorstep.

Wholesale Cane Nightstands Supplier

You are already making the right choice when you are shopping from Best of Exports for your cane front nightstands. These are made from naturally obtained woody materials and thus are adept at preserving the natural look. Such furniture items also bring about an aesthetic feel in your place.
Whether you are in India or outside, Best of Exports provides their services to everyone. They can even provide cane front nightstands in large quantities or in wholesale if you are ordering for big places such as hotels, housing complexes, and so on.