A coffee table is one of those pieces of furniture that you just cannot do without in your living room. A cane coffee tables are a lovely, small table that fits well with any kind of living room décor. Whether you are going for a traditional style or you simply like the sophisticated modern outlook, you will find the right kind of wood and cane coffee table at Best of Exports. These tables are built to last a long time and can be used in homes as well as in offices.


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  • Customization Available As Required

Cane Coffee Tables Manufacturer from India

If you are looking for good quality wooden furniture, then you should try Best of Exports. Cane is a woody material obtained from grass, like bamboo, and is a very good substitute for wood. Best of Exports crafts their round cane coffee table from very high-quality cane available in the market. Their combination of wood and cane coffee table is also splendid and very durable as well as stylish. You will also find different designs pertaining to different styles of home décor when you are browsing through cane glass coffee table at Best of Exports.


We design furniture as per your requirements.

  • Get 3D drawings of each product before execution
  • Choose from wide variety of finishes available
  • Get furniture delivered at your doorstep.

Our Cane Coffee Tables Collections

You are likely to find all kinds of designs for round cane coffee tables and other types of coffee tables at Best of Exports. Their variety is one of the things that makes such a wonderful place to go furniture shopping:

  • Round Cane Coffee Table:

    A round cane coffee table is the most versatile piece of furniture that you can ask for. It can go with all styles of décor and can be in both indoor and outdoor settings.

  • Cane Coffee Table with Glass Top:

    The cane coffee table with a glass top at Best of Exports is charming and delightful to look at. Your guests will surely love the ambiance that such a table will set.

  • Wood and Cane Coffee Table:

    Going for a combination of wood and cane coffee table is as good as it can get. You will get a uniquely styled table that is very high on resilience and strength.

  • Cane White Coffee Table:

    If you are going for an elegant and vintage look, the white color can add wonders, and thus the cane white coffee table is such a great choice!

  • Cane Black Coffee Table:

    Are you looking forward to setting up a classy atmosphere in your living room or you want to go for a sophisticated look in your office? Well, the cane black coffee table can be a very interesting match for such a scenario.

  • Cane Glass Coffee Table:

    A cane glass coffee table is just the right thing to choose because of its imminent versatility. This table is rightly suited for a traditional looking interior but will also go well in your backyard.

  • Cane Rattan Coffee Table:

    The cane rattan coffee table is a perfect blend of cane and rattan fibers and gives your living room a kind of natural feel.

  • Vintage Cane Coffee Table:

    The vintage cane coffee table is just the right choice to welcome your guests in a grand manner. The rack underneath comes as a handy place to store newspapers and magazines.

Wholesale Cane Coffee Tables Supplier from India

The round cane coffee table from best of Exports is available in different styles along with designs. The styles pertain to various outlooks of home décor such as a traditional ambiance or a bohemian style. These tables are available to buyers within as well as outside of India.