If you are looking forward to bringing a unique touch to the living room in your home or the waiting area in your office, you should opt for cane sofa set. These are amazing furniture units that are sure to give your place a unique and comfortable appeal and will easily awe your guests. Whether you are looking for a cane 2 seater sofa or a cane 3 seater sofa, you will find it all at Best of Exports. You can also look at cane single-seater sofa and go for a unique mix and match setup of your own.


  • Over 500+ Bespoke Designs Available
  • Customer Focused Personal Approach
  • Customization Available As Required

Cane Sofa Sets Manufacturer from India

Best of exports is a reputed seller of all kinds of wooden furniture items and different wooden articles that finds regular use in a home or office. Whether you are looking for bar stools, cabinets, sofa sets, bedside table, dining table, or any other piece of furniture- you will find it at Best of Exports. The cane sofa sets that you will find here are made of premium materials to ensure longevity and durability. Best of Exports is good at making such items that they are not a suitable manufacturer in India but also caters to an international market.

Our Cane Styles Sofa Sets:

When you look at the designs available at Best of Exports, you will find all kinds of designs. Whether you want your cane sofa set to be charming or elegant or grand, you will find a design to suit your needs.

  • Vintage Cane Sofa:

    The vintage cane sofa offers a classy look preserving the traditional aspects of furniture designs and going well with old-fashioned décor.

  • Antique Cane Sofa:

    The antique cane sofa provides your place with a grand look with a warm and welcoming feel, thanks to the antique look of the furniture.

  • Wooden Cane Sofa:

    The wooden cane sofa is made by combining solid wood with cane. The look is fresh and new while this sofa set maintains a very sturdy body.


We design furniture as per your requirements.

  • Get 3D drawings of each product before execution
  • Choose from wide variety of finishes available
  • Get furniture delivered at your doorstep.

Our Cane Sofa Collections:

The cane sofa sets available at Best of Exports caters to different designs and styles to find suitable use in different places. Whether you are going for the traditional look or your home has a sophisticated modern look, you need compatible cane sofa sets that you are sure to find at Best of Exports

  • Cane Single Seater Sofa:

    The cane single-seater sofa is a great addition to your place as an added seating area with the bigger sofa set. This gives a complete and wholesome look to your office as well as your home.

  • Cane 2 Seater Sofa:

    If you are short on space, then the best way to opt for a sofa set is to go for a cane 2 seater sofa from the house of Best of Exports.

  • Cane 3 Seater Sofa:

    If the space is sufficient, going for a big sofa set aided with smaller furniture items looks great and the cane 3 seater sofa can be a great help for such a setup.

  • Cane Sofa Chair:

    The cane sofa chair is a great addition to your living room as an extra seating area. These chairs can also be set at the dining table or the study room as comfortable seating areas.

  • White Cane Sofa:

    A white cane sofa is unique and aesthetically very pleasing adding a resplendent glow to your place and awing your guests.