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furniture manufacturers India
furniture manufacturers India

The Indian handicraft sector is one of the major players in the Indian economy. This sector contributes largely to the employment ratio of India, also it accounts for a significant portion of the Indian market share in terms of foreign exchange.

However, the handicraft sector has come a long way over the years, enjoying moments of huge acceptance and demand the world over and also years of decline due to economic factors. Nevertheless, the handicraft market is beginning to enjoy growth and high demand again in a more contemporary acceptance all over the world.

To create a better understanding of the Indian handicraft sector we have made a brief insight into the sector for your consumption below:

The Evolvement of the Indian Handicraft Sector

Indian handicraft has been around for quite a long time. Crafts dating as far back as 5000 BC and 3000 BC revolving around religion and the time of Indus Valley civilization which were found can be seen in museums today. Initially, the crafts were identified as of importance to royalties alone before craftsmen began making handicrafts for the common folks as well. The common designs became objects of foreign trade in which Indian handicraft manufacturers supplied their products overseas. Also, this era saw the growth of pottery items made of clay, woodwork, and metalwork all over the world.

As civilizations evolve so also Indian handicrafts evolve, from textile, stonework, metalwork, painting, pottery, woodwork, etc. The Mauryan age and Gupta period in India are notable for advancing sculpting, jewelry, and textile of Indian handicrafts all over the world, making it popular and accessible to all classes of people.

However, further down into recent civilization and the influx of other cultures into the handicraft industry, Indian handicraft has since undergone various growth variations. For example, during the occupation of Britain in India, Indian handicrafts began taking forms that are more modernized or in turn with the design demand of the foreign cultures. This however is without losing its heritage and unique features peculiar to Indian handicraft.

Today, Indian handicraft has grown abundantly in the competitive market of design all over the world. This feat is a consequence of its rich heritage, amazing craftsmanship skills, and an abundance of raw materials implored by modern-day Indian handicraft manufacturers. Consequently, Indian handicraft which otherwise has enjoyed prominence in the rural territories is now an urban sensation too with high demand in urban living, interior designs, fashion, and other contemporary art forms.

Role Best of Exports is Playing in Shifting the Culture of the Furniture Industry

The Indian furniture market is one of the sectors where the handicraft industry is heavily felt. Also, it has helped in building stronger foreign exchange revenue for the Indian handicraft industry through export activities. Best of Exports which is one of the highly reliable Jodhpur furniture exporters out there is notable for its aims of bringing the cultural tone of India into the furniture industry while providing modernized furniture designs in varying materials and introducing same all over the world through exports.

Also, Best of Exports is one of Jodhpur furniture exports company that implore the use of online market structure in international trade by providing online shopping platforms which guarantees wider reach for the Indian furniture market. In furtherance, the company’s ability to provide excellent quality and various designs of furniture even at the wholesale quantity and at competitive prices is a welcomed development in the otherwise static Indian furniture export sector which before now was known to be a pricey option than other markets. This has in turn aided the growth margin of the furniture and handicraft industry revenue in the Indian economy.

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