7 Restaurant Furniture Design Ideas To Revamp Your Restaurant’s Theme

The hospitality industry constantly depends on appearance in keeping business afloat. In a world where emerging trends flood the hospitality space, it is important to constantly implement ideas and design trends to revamp your restaurant space in other to meet up with other competitors. Set your business apart from others and set the pace of your restaurant business in terms of patronage inflow. 

Many design ideas can play out in revamping your restaurant space; however, trying out different restaurant furniture designs may be all you need to spice up your restaurant theme without going full overhaul on your entire restaurant design. 

We as one of the leading restaurant furniture manufacturers India have compiled some of the trendiest restaurant furniture design ideas that you can implement to revamp your restaurant space. 

1. Mashups

This is arguably the most viral restaurant furniture idea in recent times. This involves blending various restaurant furniture designs into one by conducting a seating layout that creates multiple sections in the restaurant. 

For example, using casual style furniture like beanbags or comfortable easy-going sofas, in one section of the restaurant while using formal style furniture like chairs for another section to create different settings. 

2. Environmental Theme

This trend involves using eco-friendly designs to create an environmentally aware restaurant space. This look is perfect for minimalist and natural healthy-styled restaurants. 

Some ways of executing this restaurant furniture idea for your restaurant space can include using hanging wooden shelves joined with thick yarn ropes or placing full-length wood dividers decorated with pot plants for separating spaces. 

Also, you can look for furniture manufacturers who use recovered wood to create restaurant furniture or you may use bamboo wood furniture for the design structure of different sections of your restaurant space.

3. Storage Furniture

Another restaurant furniture idea recently adopted by many restauranteurs involves the use of restaurant furniture designs that allow ample accommodation space for customers. 

For instance, dining tables and chairs that fit perfectly into each other to create a single shape or structure when not in use. These kinds of furniture are not only aesthetically appealing but also help in space management within the restaurant seating layout.


4. Collective Tables

Another trendy restaurant furniture idea adopted by restauranteurs that you can use for your restaurant is the collective table’s furniture design. This involves using family-style long tables instead of individual tables for your restaurant. This furniture design encourages networking between patrons and is suitable for large groups. 

5. Versatile Chairs and Tables

An excellent choice of restaurant furniture design is using versatile chairs and tables that can fit into different themes and styles of restaurants. This may be in form of the materials used for your restaurant furniture, designs, colors, and shape of furniture. 

For example, using restaurant furniture made with weather-resistant materials that are suitable for outdoor restaurant usage and styled to be great for indoor use too. Using wood furniture may be ideal to bring out the appeal of this idea. 

Also, it is ideal to use restaurant furniture styles that are stackable and light-weighted to ensure easy usage. 

6. Tub Armchairs

Another restaurant furniture idea that has evolved recently is the use of tub armchairs. This design is usually more suitable for indoor-style restaurants with narrow spaces or low roofs. This is because they are great at saving space while providing a cozy ambiance. 

Besides, you may complement these chairs with timber tables to improve the interiors of your restaurant. 

7. Parisian Chairs

This trend of restaurant furniture started from restaurants in Paris. Traditionally, these chairs are made with bamboo frames or woven with willow, reeds, cane, or other organic materials. Recently, you can also find them in metal materials with nylon-braided backsides. These restaurant furniture styles are very comfortable, stylish, and functional in such a way that improves your restaurant’s appeal.

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