Choose The Perfect Outdoor Dining Set For Your Restaurant

An outdoor restaurant is defined by its furniture. The sight of chairs and tables calls out to people to come and get respite as much as the smell of a fine-cooked meal.

What makes for a perfect outdoor dining set could be attributed to several things. From the color to the height and width, shape, design, and material of the dining set goes a long way to creating an inviting, open, and functional outdoor restaurant space.

However, there are other important factors to consider which are specifically necessary for outdoor restaurant furniture. Some of these factors are discussed below.

1. Budget-friendly furniture

One of the main things to consider in picking furniture for an outdoor restaurant space is cost. A less expensive dining set may be a more practicable option than pricey furniture for a couple of reasons. For instance, the intricacies associated with maintenance and care of outdoor restaurant furniture may make it ideal for a restaurateur to opt for budget friendlier furniture sets.

This is not only because high-end expensive furniture may require greater maintenance level, but also because budget friendlier options can be easily replaced when the need arises. Also, in as much as budget-friendly restaurant furniture in India can come in classy looks too, most outdoor restaurants are casual themed and high-end restaurant furniture may look out of place outdoors.

2. Maintenance

What would be the perfect outdoor restaurant dining set has to be easy to maintain and clean. Poorly maintained dining sets will suffer damage and you may be forced to replace or repair them sooner than you intended. Maintenance for outdoor restaurant furniture in India may be tricky especially for restaurants located in the more bustling areas of the country.

The streets are busy, the patrons’ troop in and out in fast progression. You do not want to deal with furniture that takes more than a minute to easily wipe off on the go. You also do not want to deal with the furniture you cannot easily move out of the way. Besides, part of maintenance means you can easily stack the dining set to store them away against weather conditions.

3. Durability and Choice of Furniture Material

It is very important to opt for durable products when choosing an outdoor restaurant dining set. Ideally, outdoor restaurant furniture should be one that can withstand the strength of different weather conditions and other environmental factors. The durability of any furniture is mainly tied to the material used. For instance, metal furniture is usually associated with a higher level of durability than some other materials for furniture making.

Although outdoor furniture manufacturers in India typically practice the use of strong quality materials in furniture manufacturing for various intended purposes, a restaurateur may require further specifications to enhance the quality of furniture to be used in an outdoor restaurant. For instance, metal furniture that is largely known for this high durability may not be entirely suitable for outdoor restaurant settings as it may react badly to exposure to certain weather conditions. Aluminum furniture tampered to specifically adapt to outdoor usage may be ideal, however, patrons may find it uncomfortable to use when the weather is at extreme heights.

A wooden furniture set may likely appear to be a better option than most materials; this however depends on the type of wood used. Furniture manufacturers in India have joined the well-acclaimed trend of using Teakwood in manufacturing outdoor furniture. Outdoor wooden furniture may be made into more light-weighted and foldable forms but they too may pose certain issues if not properly treated for outdoor purposes.


In choosing the perfect dining set for an outdoor restaurant, one may want to consider any or all of the factors discussed above and more depending on their specific needs. An outdoor restaurant however should not lose its appeal and nature due to overbearing styles.

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