5 Hacks For Making Your Restaurant Look Spacious

Revamping your restaurant can be a great idea! You’re tired of the same old design and finally, realize that your restaurant can look a lot more spacious. Remodeling may seem daunting at first, but it becomes less  when you have a clear vision in mind. Perhaps contacting a restaurant furniture supplier beforehand will make the process easier too.

If you have recently purchased the restaurant space, you still have a clean slate to start from.

Don’t worry about it! We’ve got some great ideas for you. In this quick yet informative post, we will share the five hacks for making your restaurant look spacious.

Dive right in to find out more regarding this subject!

1. Measure Up Before Buying Furniture For the Restaurant

The biggest mistake of a restaurant owner is to not measure the area. These days you get a measuring device that allows you to measure the space and buy furniture accordingly. You don’t want your space to look cramped, which is why it’s ideal to connect with the restaurant chairs manufacturer after you’ve measured the space.

You would know how many chairs and tables can fit into a space and the amount of space you need between each table.

Not using too much furniture can help you make the restaurant look spacious and neat. The biggest challenge is when restaurant owners fill up the space with chairs and tables, but customers feel irritated when they have to pull their chairs in if someone is trying to sit in the chair behind them.

The ideal distance between chairs is 18 inches. You must keep at least 42 to 62 inches of space between square tables and about 24 to 30 inches between the corners of the table.

You don’t want customers to have an unpleasant experience in your restaurant. Give them enough space to move around!

2. Using Lighter Colors On Walls

When you use light colors on the wall, the space starts looking spacious and neat.

We understand that you may feel tempted to opt for darker colors like turquoise, dark blue, and brick red. If the purpose is to make the restaurant look spacious, we’d suggest getting a lighter color wallpaper or paint.

Consider getting light-colored walls and ceilings to create a spacious look. You won’t regret this for sure!

3. It’s Time to Highlight the Entrance

You shouldn’t be filling a small restaurant with too much furniture or decorative items. The simplistic decor makes the restaurant look spacious. But, yes, you can highlight the entrance and make it look extremely beautiful.

You can add a statement chandelier at the entrance and two armchairs or a plush sofa. These days you can find restaurant furniture online and they have plenty of options. So, if you have a theme, the restaurant furniture supplier will be able to provide suitable options. This is all you need to entice the customers and get them inside the restaurant.

4. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

If you want to make a space look larger, you can use mirrors to create an aesthetic look.

Hang multiple mirrors on the wall or add different mirror elements throughout the space to make your restaurant look taller and wider. This hack can work for small restaurants, and we’re telling you, it will also attract multiple customers.

When customers walk into your restaurant, they are not just hungry. They want an experience, and that too a pleasant and mind-blowing one.

Haven’t you read reviews online and in magazines? Critics don’t just talk about the food, but also the ambiance of the restaurant.

Give your customers good food and an experience they will never forget.

5. Focus on the Lighting In Your Restaurant

A small restaurant need not be filled with tall and large-size lamps. You need to focus on overhead fixtures.

Lighting is essential in any space. If your idea is to make the restaurant look spacious, you can invest in focus lights or wall lights with a dimmable function.

You can create a romantic ambiance at night with the dimmable function. Wouldn’t that be a pleasant and wonderful experience for the guests?

If you are bent on getting lamps for the tight space, consider investing in skinny lamps that don’t take up much space in the restaurant.

You will get innumerable options online, so feel free to skim through different lighting fixture websites.

Concluding Thoughts

The above-mentioned hacks are tried and tested, and we know that a tight space can give you jitters.

Impress your customers with the right kind of lights, enough space within the restaurant, and a stunning entrance. If you get this right, we promise you that you will become the most Instagram-worthy restaurant in your city!

But don’t forget to feed innovative and delectable dishes to your customers. It’s the food and experience that helps you win a customer.


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