7 Factors While Choosing Right Restaurant Furniture


Do you want to buy restaurant furniture for your brand new restaurant? Wait a minute!

Take a little break and read this post. We know you’re excited about decking up your restaurant, but don’t be in a rush.

Perhaps it’s a remodel project and not a brand new space. Nonetheless, you’re going to need a vision and the right restaurant furniture manufacturers by your side.

If we think about it deeply, furniture adds life to the space. It’s actually the selling point! When the furniture is plush and of good quality, the customers appreciate your effort, dedication, and passion towards the hospitality industry.

As a restaurant owner, you want to provide the best experience for your customers!

Since you are here, allow us to share the seven factors while choosing the right restaurant furniture.

Dive right in to find out!

1. Check the Material of the Seat Cushion

You don’t want a low-quality seat cushion as it tends to flatten out too soon. When you purchase premium-quality furniture, you also get the guarantee of receiving a comfortable seat cushion too. The restaurant should be comfortable for the customers.

Consider opting for a material which is not only comfortable but also easy to clean. Easy maintenance is a plus point when you purchase high-quality tables and chairs.

Your restaurant will see a lot of customers for years to come – the seat cushion should be able to handle all weights and offer comfort.

PS: add some high chairs for little kids if your restaurant is family-friendly.

2. Figuring Out the Table Size

You may be having ample space in your restaurant or perhaps it’s a cute and small space. Nonetheless, choose furniture that fits in the restaurant. Take measurements and see how many tables can fit in without crowding up the space.

You can select between four-seaters, two-seater, and six-seater tables. But it all depends on how much space you have within the restaurant.

Don’t stress about catering to larger groups, table of fours can be joined to accommodate larger families and groups of friends.

3. What Shape of Table Would You Like?

Once you have decided the table size, you can figure out the shape you need.

Circular tables are pretty and quite fancy too. You can use plush chairs with comfortable cushions to attract more customers.

Square tables are a good option for those who want to save space. Usually most people go for square or rectangular tables, but the round tables are good for corners where a regular square table won’t fit. Feel free to check the kind of tables your manufacturer can provide.

It all depends on your personal preferences and the theme you are going for.

4. What’s the Right Material?

You have the choice between solid wood and engineered wood. We’d suggest to go for premium solid wood because it lasts longer and you will find a lot of wood variety too.

Solid wood has a different appeal. It looks regal and is long-lasting. Since you plan to run your own restaurant, don’t be stingy.

Invest in solid wood furniture that looks good, has maximum durability, and fetches compliments too.

Most of the premium and popular restaurants invest in good furniture because that’s one of the most important and sure-shot ways of attracting customers.

Read the description of the table and chair and the kind of wood used.

5. Do You Get Any Warranties?

Does your furniture manufacturer or supplier offer any warranty?

You must know that having a warranty means saving repair costs. Ask these relevant questions to the manufacturer to save yourself from paying extra for maintenance and repairs.

6. Keeping the Theme in Mind

Your restaurant may be having a specific theme. If yes, consider buying furniture that goes with the theme.

Your tables and chairs need to be in sync when it comes to color and style.

As we mentioned before, don’t be in a rush. You’ve got this! All you need to do is work on the aesthetics and choose furniture that goes with the walls and the overall theme.

7. Wooden Vs. Metal Furniture

Both wooden and metal furniture are popular among restaurant businesses.

Once again, we would like to highlight that it all depends on the theme. Metal chairs are greater, but as per us, wood adds opulence and style to the restaurant. It doesn’t rust and lasts for years!

If you are getting good-quality wooden restaurant furniture, we would suggest that you should go for this and not anything else.

Concluding Thoughts

Consider this a bonus point – you should be choosing furniture that is easy to clean and maintain. Restaurant businesses require a lot of cleanliness. Everytime a customer leaves, the waiter picks the dishes, and cleans the table.

If you want to buy quality furniture, make sure the material is excellent, and it’s easy to clean.

And always choose premium wooden furniture for restaurant because they offer durability and a regal look.



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