Restaurant Table Designs

Best of Exports understands the role table designs play in creating an unforgettable dining experience. With our wide variety of restaurant table designs available in India, we can assist in selecting one to fit any type of establishment; whether sleek minimalist designs or ornate traditional ones are preferred; there’s something here that’s sure to meet any dining atmosphere!

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    Best Restaurant Table Design and Collection in India

    Best of Exports has long been recognized as India’s go-to expert when it comes to restaurant table designs and collections. Our extensive collection features tables that meet varying styles and needs with quality craftsmanship that ensures they look good while lasting for many years to come. With modern designs to classic vintage pieces, our selection offers something sure to fit into any restaurant aesthetic perfectly! Our team of specialists strives for customer service excellence while paying great attention to every detail. Every restaurant has different needs, and our specialists are on hand to find an appropriate table design. Whether it be for an intimate dining area or bustling restaurant space, our collection features options with various seating capacities that meet these specifications.


    We design furniture as per your requirements.

    • Get 3D drawings of each product before execution
    • Choose from wide variety of finishes available
    • Get furniture delivered at your doorstep.

    Popular Restaurant Table Designs & Styles 2023

    Let’s take a look at some of the top restaurant table styles expected to dominate design trends this year, from modern and industrial styles, rustic rustic styles and outdoor styles – these designs can bring more visual appeal and functionality into any dining area.

    Modern Restaurant Tables

    1. Modern Restaurant Table

    Modern restaurant table designs make an excellent complement to establishments with contemporary or minimalist interior designs, featuring clean lines, smooth shapes, and an understated aesthetic. Materials like metal, wood and glass may be combined for an eye-catching appearance – or combined to add variety for an unforgettable dining experience!

    Contemporary Restaurant Tables
    Industrial Restaurant Table

    2. Industrial Restaurant Table

    Industrial-style restaurants have enjoyed immense popularity throughout history. These designs often incorporate raw materials like exposed brick walls and metal accents for an urban vibe; increasingly metal tables are becoming the go-to option when combined with mismatched chairs for an eclectic and fashionable appearance.

    Metal Restaurant Tables
    Outdoor Restaurant Tables

    3. Outdoor Restaurant Table

    Restaurants that provide outdoor seating require tables that are weatherproof and durable. Aluminum, teak, and synthetic wicker are popularly used to craft these tables; each can withstand varying climate conditions while still offering stylish yet comfortable dining experience. To create an inviting outdoor space with cozy seating arrangements and colorful umbrellas with bright lights- as well as stylish table designs.

    Outdoor Restaurant Tables & Chairs
    Farmhouse Style Restaurant Tables

    4. Farmhouse Style Restaurant Table

    Farmhouse style restaurant tables are an attractive and practical solution to creating a warm and welcoming ambience for customers at restaurants. Their rustic yet charming style, which recalls old country farmhouses, typically includes wooden tops featuring natural imperfections or distressed finishes for vintage charm. Farmhouse tables’ sturdy construction makes them suitable for high traffic areas in restaurants; plus their timeless design fits easily in with various interior styles for an inviting dining experience.

    Farmhouse Restaurant Tables
    Fine Dining Restaurant Tables

    5. Fine Dining Restaurant Table

    Fine dining restaurant tables provide more than a mere place for diners to sit and dine; they create an experience like no other! In fine dining establishments, every detail – including table selection – is considered carefully before opening for business. These tables, constructed with materials such as solid wood or marble and designed with exceptional care to exude elegance and sophistication.

    Luxury Restaurant Tables

    By Shape & Size

    Round Restaurant Tables

    6. Round Restaurant Table

    A round restaurant table is an attractive, practical solution that restaurant owners often select due to its aesthetic appeal and practicality. This type of table encourages conversation among diners while its lack of sharp corners ensures a safe dining experience. These versatile tables come in various sizes to meet different group sizes while their shape enables easy rearranging to suit either private events or regular seating arrangements at restaurants – ultimately becoming an invaluable addition for any dining establishment.

    Round Marble Restaurant Tables
    Square Restaurant Tables

    7. Square Restaurant Table

    Square restaurant tables are versatile seating solutions for intimate settings or larger groups alike. Their square shape enables easy placement and efficient space usage making square tables a smart option when working with limited floor area – plus providing ample surface area to place food and drinks, providing customers with an enjoyable dining experience. Square restaurant tables provide both practicality and aesthetic value that make them a smart investment for any dining establishment.

    Square Marble Restaurant Tables
    Rectangular Restaurant Tables

    8. Rectangular Restaurant Table

    When it comes to furnishing a restaurant, rectangular restaurant tables should not be overlooked. Rectangular tables have long been favored among owners of food service establishments due to their functionality and versatility; providing ample seating space while accommodating large groups of customers with ease. Their sleek lines complement any interior decor style seamlessly – be it casual eatery or fine dining establishment; rectangular restaurant tables provide both practicality and aesthetic appeal!

    Rectangular Restaurant Tables & Chairs
    Four-Seater Restaurant Tables

    9. Four-Seater Restaurant Table

    A four-seater restaurant table is an essential component in any dining establishment, designed to comfortably seat four diners at once. These sturdy pieces of furniture, constructed with high-grade materials and designed to withstand busy restaurant environments. Available in various styles and finishes to complement the overall aesthetic of any establishment – be it cozy corner booth or sleek modern design – four-seater restaurant tables offer guests a cozy space in which they can dine.

    4-Seater Restaurant Tables
    Six-Seater Restaurant Tables

    10. Six-Seater Restaurant Table

    A six-seater restaurant table is an adaptable and practical addition to any dining establishment, accommodating six individuals comfortably at once. Perfect for large parties and families dining together, its design promotes easy conversation among diners while creating an affable ambiance in any dining establishment. Crafted with high quality wood or metal for durability and longevity – and whether used at casual eateries or fine dining establishments alike, six-seater tables provide stylish comfort when used.

    6-Seater Restaurant Tables


    We design restaurant chair as per your requirements.

    • Get 3D drawings of each product before execution
    • Choose from wide variety of finishes available
    • Get furniture delivered at your doorstep.


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