Best Cafe and Restaurant furniture in Kanpur

    We are proud to offer you the best furniture in Kanpur for your cafe or restaurant. We strive to enhance the atmosphere of every dining establishment that we serve with our extraordinary pieces and exceptional service. We are the one-stop shop for all furniture requirements in Kanpur. Our extensive collection of cafe and restaurant furniture is second to none. We are a leading furniture supplier and manufacturer in India. We provide outstanding service with prompt delivery to meet your expectations. Our handcrafted products have sleek finishes which perfectly complement any interior décor, adding an elegant touch to your space. We have a wide range of cafe furniture in different sizes, shapes and designs to meet your needs.


    We design furniture as per your requirements.

    • Get 3D drawings of each product before execution
    • Choose from wide variety of finishes available
    • Get furniture delivered at your doorstep.

    Custom Restaurant Furniture Manufacturers

    We know the importance of customizing furniture. That’s why, we work closely with architects, interior designers and building planners, to design and create unique pieces that reflect your business’ theme and creativity. Best of Exports is the leader in custom-made restaurant furniture. Our experts craft tailor-made solutions to provide an unforgettable dining environment for your customers. We ensure that all details reflect your vision, from seating arrangements to lighting fixtures and tables.


    • Over 500+ Bespoke Designs Available
    • Customer FocusedPersonal Approach
    • Customization Available As Required

    What makes us different ?

    Our commitment to offering high-quality furniture at reasonable prices is what sets us apart. Exclusive designs are featured in our catalog. We also prioritize durability, without compromising aesthetics, to ensure that your furniture will stand the test of time, and remain visually appealing.

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    Our Expert Team Is Committed To Help You Out In Sourcing Best Quality Furniture At Affordable Prices. Call Us To Discuss About Your Queries Or Visit Our Place To Feel The Art Behind Manufacturing Every Piece.

      Wholesale Restaurant and Café Furniture for Commercial Use

      Best of Exports offers wholesale furniture for cafes and restaurants in Kanpur. Wholesale orders are delivered promptly, no matter the size. We know the needs of commercial business and cater to their financial requirements. You can count on us to provide enough seating for busy weekends and peak times.

      Our Range of Products:

      At Best of Exports, we take great pleasure in offering an extensive collection of high-quality restaurant furniture in Kanpur. Our amazing collection has been meticulously organized according to function, style and utility, making it easy for you to discover pieces that perfectly suit the aesthetic of your dining space. Discover all that Best of Exports has to offer to elevate your dining space today: we promise it!

      • Restaurant Chairs :

        Our restaurant chairs crafted to provide maximum comfort and style treat yourself to unparalleled luxury with our beautifully-crafted restaurant chairs, designed to maximize comfort for both patrons and yourself. Choose from an array of seating options expertly crafted out of wood, metal, cane and upholstered finishes, each carefully curated to provide an extraordinary seating experience for your esteemed guests.

      • Restaurant Tables :

        Browse an exquisite collection of restaurant tables that cater to all of your dining needs. With our collection’s variety of shapes, sizes, and styles – which span shapes like rectangular, oval and round – you’re sure to find the ideal table that complements your restaurant interior perfectly! Crafted with impeccable workmanship from durable construction material and boasting flawless table top finishes; not only do our tables exude style and sophistication but they also exude timeless elegance.

      • Restaurant Sofas :

        For the ultimate dining experience, our highly recommended restaurant sofas provide unrivalled comfort and luxury. Crafted to elevate the atmosphere of your establishment, these stylish pieces of furniture offer the perfect blend of style and functionality that allow your patrons to unwind comfortably while they enjoy their meals – and all this for an affordable price point! Immerse them in an oasis of comfort today.

      • Restaurant Booths :

        Give your restaurant an air of charm and privacy with our wide range of restaurant booths. Whether you prefer modern or traditional designs, upholstered booths, or unique variations – our expertly-crafted booths create an inviting and intimate dining space, giving customers an exceptional dining experience with maximum privacy and comfort.

      • Outdoor Restaurant Furniture :

        Celebrate the joys of outdoor dining with our high-quality outdoor restaurant furniture. Designed to seamlessly blend in with any outdoor decor, these carefully crafted pieces add elegance to your al fresco dining area while being built to withstand even harshest weather conditions – our outdoor furniture guarantees durability without compromising its style! Create an enchanting ambiance and allow your guests to experience an exceptional dining experience amidst nature’s embrace!


      Q1: How long will deliveries to Kanpur typically take from the order placement date?

      Answer: We strive to have your furniture delivered on time. Generally, deliveries to Kanpur take approximately 3 to 4 weeks from the purchase date. However, immediate deliveries may be possible depending on local conditions.

      Q2: Can I request a customized design for my restaurant furniture?

      Answer: Absolutely! Best of Exports welcomes customization and values your ideas and preferences. We aim to turn your vision into reality. Please be aware that customized products may take up to 45 days from the purchase date before being ready for shipment.