A Guide to Reclaimed Wood Furniture, Wood Recycling and Recycled Furniture

Reclaimed wood is that wood which can be taken from any source except newly cut tree. In other words, this can be also called as old timber. Its main sources are old buildings which are being pulled down. That means wood which was used in floor, joint and support beams. This kind of wood can be reused and there are many merits of using it. You can easily convert this wood into reclaimed wood furniture. Here in this article, we will also discuss the proper care of reclaimed wood as we are leading reclaimed wood furniture manufacturer in India.

What is Reclaimed Wood Furniture :

Furniture which is made up of old timber is called as reclaimed wood furniture. Many of old timber come from old buildings and some carpenter shapes it out in stylish furniture. This kind of furniture can be used in retro furniture and vintage look. This is a kind of recycling or you can say up cycling through which you can increase the value of the item.

It’s a great thing to convert any cheap wood pallets into a table, chair or a book case of high value. But here the point to be noted is that turning an old table into a chair is not upcycled process. In case if you are using an old wood floor board son a new floor is only recycling the material.
We sell those furniture’s which are both recycled and up cycled. We use reclaimed wood in the table, chair, coffee table and book table etc. Like this, we can also sell it at fraction of price that you pay to any other expensive manufacturer. As far as the quality consider, it offers the same level of quality as of fresh wood. Reclaimed wood dining tables & coffee tables can also give your restaurant a different look.

Common types of Reclaimed Wood :

The common types of reclaimed woods are oak, beech, cedar, old pine. The modern reclaimed woods are walnut, maple and beech. For building ships there is long leaf pine due to its strength and durable. This is the main reason that long beams of this wood were retrieved to make roofs, walls, and floors. How would you imagine or feel about a bar chair which was once in the past time used in big ship.

As compare to northern pine, a south pin is more common. Mahogany’s strength and ease of carving are why it was used for everything from intricately carved mantles to furniture. Artisans try to keep reusing it on regular basis and keep the old carvings in the new shape. Teak wood is very much robust in nature and it is also resistant to moisture. This is the main reason it is used in outdoor Reclaimed wood Furniture India.

On the exposure to sunlight, Teak also not get fade and it can be easily used in the outdoor projects. If we consider walnut, it is regularly reused.

Benefits of Reclaimed Wood :

Eco-friendly is the main merit of using reclaimed wood furniture. If you reuse wood, again and again, it also prevents cutting of trees. You are using far fewer resources in case if you reuse the furniture with only some treatment or reprocessing.

Reclaimed wood doesn’t require any kind of finishing as it is already dried and aged. It has its own unique look. You can also hike the value of this by adding marble on it. You can do this kind of strategy easily in reclaimed wood sideboards. In case, of old pine, it is hard to find the rich colour and tight grain. In case of new pine wood, you can get broad grain and more yellowish colour. To get a new look in reclaimed wood, you can do whitewash. It also happens sometimes that reclaimed wood strip off colour and grain, this makes it good. A time comes when they require some treatment. Some people also have emotional connections with reclaimed wood because it is having relation with their grandparents from generation to generation.

The furniture made with reclaimed wood give antique feeling. You can save your money if you like to go with reclaimed wood rather than purchasing costly antique furniture. It is a fact that mango light wood, new mahogany and teak wood are expensive. If you consider reclaimed wood for the customized furniture, then defiantly you will save your expenses. The material cost is also in a lower price if you buy furniture from a carpenter who is selling reclaimed wood furniture.

Care and maintenance:

As far as if the maintenance is considered, it is easy to maintain in general. If there are little scratches, stains, and dents you can ignore it. As compare to fresh wood, the salvaged wood is harder. This is also a reason that furniture made of reclaimed wood is more durable than newly harvested tree. You just need to do dusting if the wood of furniture is unfurnished and you are happy with its own natural colour. Just apply polyurethane wax once a year to prevent water stains. You can also rub it down with wood rubs if it is unfinished.


You must judge the wood before selecting it from the old building; it might contain termites or any other insects. Old wood having lead – based paint on it. Sometimes manufacturer doesn’t focus on nails and screws. If they don’t remove them before cutting the wood, they may get injured also.

Passing the metal detector test is one of the good options for this solution. You must buy finished reclaimed pieces. You must contact that vendor who already screened it with taking all safety hazards.


Reclaimed wood furniture requires less maintenance and care. They are of that wood which is hard to gain today. Reclaimed wood has many merits on ecosystem and mankind. It is also a good way to save money. There are different types of reclaimed wood available in market. Before you buy this, you must check it by professional. Other than this you can also finished furniture made from reclaimed wood. You can contact us for getting information regarding reclaimed wood furniture Jodhpur.

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