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Short guide about Live Edge furniture?  Live Edge Dining Tables and Coffee Tables

The meaning of live edge is related to the shape of the edge. In this type of furniture, the edge is shaped with carefully removing of bark along with the retention of natural appearance of the edge. The rustic look of the furniture is remain and to hide uneven surface, knots are fill up. This gives uniformity look to the product. The biggest increasing demand of live edge furniture can be seen in offices. Craftsman gives a unique style look to each piece of live edge furniture. It highlight the natural characteristic of reclaimed wood slab.

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In today’s time natural wood holds an important place in the commercial scope. The up cycling also known as recycling movement is encouraging the trend of wood design. For example, rough-sawn barn doors is being used in personal and commercial interiors. Natural wood is a kind of material which connect us with nature. The renewed fascination with wood and its properties as a material is another possible example.

Top reasons for choosing live edge furniture:

Leave impressive mark:

There is no doubt that live edge furniture leave an impressive mark on the visitor and represent your company in a different way. Live Edge furniture make a powerful sense with eye-catching presentation

Aesthetic Design:

Due to using of recycled material it greatly contributes to popular mid-century, biophillic and modern design. In current scenario, live edge is the right choice for getting authentic experience of unique design.

Selecting the perfect signature Live Edge Wood Slabs:

For choosing the right and ideal wood slab specimen, we can help you. We can also help you in getting the unique slab that fits to your requirement. Additionally you will require to justify some of the points like how the furniture will be used. The type of wood species affects the overall aesthetics of the project so it is also another important point to consider.


In case if you give importance to durability, then Oak is the best choice for you. The popular oak species is Red oak. It is also cost effective material. This wood is having straight grained and due to this it is easy to cut them and also it is easy to stick them with a glue.

Black Cherry:

With the grain pattern that vary between curly and straight, this wood is having reddish brown color. The color of the wood get dark with the exposure to sunlight. So care must be taken in this case. As compare to outdoor use live edge table made of this wood is more suitable for indoor like office.

Black Walnut:

Walnut known to be luxury material and widely used in rifle production. Its rich, lustre look and straight wood grain. But there is also other limitation about its availability. The amount of material obtained from walnut is smaller as compare to other trees. This greatly effects the project and need of the material while making live edge table. It’s quite expensive too.

Selecting the base design:

The next step in the process is to select the base design. The metal bases in natural metal finishing is the best in this. One can use the powder-coat for the metal bases with the standard colors to give best live edge table.

Manufacturing process of live edge furniture:

The first step in the manufacturing of live edge table or live edge furniture is to contact and collaborate with lumber suppliers. You must look at the raw lumber to determine whether it will suit and fit to the requirement or not. The unique piece of lumber can be easily determine that what kind of furniture can be made. For example, whether it is long table or small table.

It may happen that raw lumber have high content of moisture. Because freshly cut material or material store in humid condition contains moisture. Therefore, wood should be dried before using. The process of drying the wood is kiln drying process. It is very much important process to bring out clean output. Removing of unwanted objects, treating the fungus, burrowing worms and insects like termites must be carried out before bringing the result. We trust that the above article will help you in taking an educated choice.

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