Introduction to Jodhpur Handicraft Exporters Industry

Jodhpur Handicraft Exporters Industry

Jodhpur Handicraft Exporters Manufacturers

There is no doubt that Indian wood and handicraft got good fame beyond the boundaries of the nation. Due to its cheap, unique quality and art is gaining demand in the western and other developed countries. Moreover, handicraft industries are also providing employment to the billion people. It is the very important sector to earn and get a foreign exchange and this cannot be avoided in any circumstances. There are many centers for handicraft but Jodhpur Handicraft is the main point of attraction and hub.

Jodhpur Handicraft – A wide Industry:

In taking consideration of Jodhpur Handicraft, there was project ran on “Sustainable and Responsible Trade Promoted to wood Processing SMEs through Forest and Trade Networks in China, India, and Vietnam” The project was also carried out in the other states like UP and Kerala. The main purpose of this project is to investigate and test the supply chain of wood-based industries and Jodhpur Handicrafts Exporters.

The main points of this project is all about to document on sourcing species of wood used, location from where wood is extracted, amount of item export and using of wood in different categories. Moreover, retrieve proof of certifications among business and get the name of countries who are main receiver of export items. This project have great influence on Jodhpur Handicraft Manufacturers.

If the focus is done on particular Rajasthan, this state is world-famous for its rich heritage and culture. This state is not only engaged in wooden based handicraft but also provide Jewellery, leather work, textile, and marble. A great combination of design and colour can be seen on both cloth and wood in miniature style. If the past time is considered, kings of Rajasthan also encourage for art and culture. The paintings of Rajasthan are also held different varieties.

In Rajasthan, Barmer and Jodhpur are main places where Handicraft practices carried out. Especially Jodhpur Handicraft is very much famous and known in a different way. The material used to implement the product like fabric, dyed are fabulous in all part. Jodhpur the second largest city of Rajasthan is the main point of attraction of Handicraft and Jodhpur Handicrafts Exporters. Out of total handicraft industry in Jodhpur, there is a share of 75% of wooden handicrafts industry. Also, Jodhpur Handicrafts Manufacturers are providing employment to the large population. Among the major consumers, Europe and the USA are holding an important place. There are tremendous manufacturers working on small and large scale. If the number is considered, there are more than 500 handicraft manufacturing units. Apart from wooden products, there is jewellery, gold, and silver.

To solve any issue there is also “Jodhpur Handicraft Exporter Association” which was established by the exporter of Jodhpur. There are 250 members who are tied up with this association. It helps to Jodhpur Handicrafts  Manufacturers in getting the solution related to export, law and regulation and customs.

So this is all about Jodhpur Handicraft Industries. It’s a big business which is day by day making its roots strong. More and more people are getting engage and there are good numbers of Jodhpur Handicrafts Exporters who attract western eyes.

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