Tips For Choosing The Ideal Wood For Your Commercial Dining Tables

Tips For Choosing The Ideal Wood For Your Commercial Dining Tables

Looks are everything! This includes everything from the aesthetics, design, and elements of your restaurant. The design of your furniture is also no exception to this statement. Choosing the right commercial dining table is essential as it dictates the style and ambiance of your establishment but how do you do so? The style of your commercial dining tables can convey whether your restaurant is upscale, casual, or trendy. It is important to understand the target audience in order to tailor the food, staff and decor to suit them. While everything is being done to attract the right group of audience, it also becomes relevant to select the ideal wood for your business dining table.

If you are looking for the right guidance or tips to have the ideal wood for your commercial dining table then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explain everything you need to keep in mind before purchasing the ideal wood.

Tip 1: Prioritize durability and maintenance:

According to us, durability and maintenance are paramount when it comes to commercial dining tables. In a bustling restaurant setup you’re all in a wood that can withstand daily wear and tear. Choose hardwoods like oak, maple, or walnut that are known for their strength and flexibility.

Tip 2: Consider aesthetics and style:

Once you’re done with durability and maintenance, choose a theme for your restaurant. To maintain the flow or vibe of your restaurant, you should proceed by keeping in mind the theme, style and colors of your restaurant. This will help you choose the best commercial dining table for your establishment.

Tip 3: Mind your budget:

Lumber prices vary greatly. Some woods are extremely expensive while others are pocket friendly. Owners need to plan their commercial dining tables and set a budget taking into account species, grade, and availability. Many people are attracted to exotic wood, even if it doesn’t match the theme of their establishment. While exotic woods like teak or mahogany can be stunning to look at, they often come with a hefty price tag and drain owners of money. Restaurant owners should look for more affordable options that still offer quality and durability.

Tip 4: Think sustainable:

When we take something from nature, we should also give something back to nature. When planning commercial dining tables for your establishment, consider sustainable and eco-friendly options. With growing concerns about deforestation and environmental impact, sustainability is an important factor to consider. Look for options that are certified and approved by industry governing bodies. You can also leverage this section as your unique selling proposition.

Tip 5: Evaluate Strength and Stability:

Commercial dining tables endure heavy use and weight loads, requiring wood that provides strength and stability. Select woods that provide a surface that is smooth and easy to clean. Rough surfaces often create discomfort in the minds of your customers. The wood must also have sufficient strength to withstand other decorative or durable objects.

Tip 6: Testing for Resistance:

Do you see children accompanying guests to your restaurant? Whether you host parties, have musical nights, or have an open mic at your venue, spills, scratches, and stains are bound to happen. Those little guests of yours may leave a bit of a mess behind before they leave, so you’ll want to make sure everything is in place from the start. Therefore it becomes even more important to choose wood that can withstand these challenges. Look for wood that is naturally resistant to moisture and stains, like cedar or teak. Additionally, consider finishes and sealants that provide an extra layer of protection against spills and scratches.

Tip 7: Coordinate with Decorations:

To blend in with the overall ambiance of the restaurant, your commercial dining tables should match the decor of your establishment. Consider the finish, color, and design motifs of existing pieces when selecting wood for your table. Matching or coordinating wood colors can tie a room together, creating a luxurious and professional look. The decorations and tables should be matched in such a way that they complement each other and ensure that they do not overpower each other.

Tip 8: Seek expert advice:

If you are unsure about the above mentioned points and do not know where to start and what to do about it then you should seek advice from an expert. Furniture designers, interior decorators and wood suppliers can provide valuable insight and recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, visiting showrooms or seeing samples in person can help you visualize how different woods will look and perform in your space. Look for someone who knows what they’re talking about. Keep your aesthetics and style in mind.

Tip 9: Climate and Environmental Factors:

Keep in mind the climate and environmental conditions of your location while selecting wood for your dining table. For example, if your restaurant is located in a humid environment, choose wood species with natural resistance to moisture, such as teak or cypress, to keep your commercial dining tables from warping or rotting over time. Likewise, if your space is prone to temperature fluctuations, choose woods that are less sensitive to expansion and contraction, such as maple or cherry. Considering these factors will help ensure that your dining tables remain in top condition regardless of external influences, increasing their lifespan and maintaining the aesthetics of your entire establishment.

By taking the time to research and explore your options, you can confidently select the ideal wood for your commercial dining table. Whether durability, aesthetics, durability, or budget is prioritized, there is a perfect wood out there to meet your needs and elevate your setup. These are the exact 9 tips that restaurant owners can keep in mind when going for commercial dining tables. As soon as you meet the goals of each tip, you will have the perfect product for your restaurant.

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