If you are looking for reliable designs and products, then choosing from among the range of dining tables at Best of Exports is the ideal deal. Whether you are looking for an industrial extendable dining table design or a simplistic modern industrial dining table look, you will find it all at this store. The industrial dining tables are made with an adjustable metallic frame making them apt for heavy-duty and long-time use. Such designs are combined with wood, reclaimed wood, or other materials to give the sturdy tables an attractive look.

Industrial Dining Table Manufacturer & Exporter from India

A dining table is a simple space to set out all the dishes and plates and eat comfortably. The dining table also adds to the looks of the dining room and has a major role to play in setting the ambiance of the dining room. Thus, an industrial dining table is a great way to ensure that your dining place has a unique look and sturdy disposition. When you go for such a table, you can be certain that you are going for something immensely sturdy while also has a terrific look. Best of Exports is a crafty industrial dining table manufacturer and incorporates different styles into their designs.

Finishes We Use to Style Industrial Dining Tables

One of the best things about the Best of Exports store is the variety in styles that they have to offer. Whether you are looking for a modern touch or a rustic industrial dining table design, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for there.

  • Industrial Extendable Dining Table

    The industrial extendable dining table is another good competitor in space-saving tables. These are versatile tables that can be extended to hold extra dishes or serve extra members when you are hosting a party at your place.
  • Rustic Industrial Dining Table

    The rustic industrial table preserves the charming look and warmth of the old days.
  • Modern Industrial Dining Table

    If you are looking for something that has a minimalistic design and looks stylish, then the modern industrial table is your go-to companion.
  • Industrial Round Dining Table

    The industrial round table is the ideal space-saving solution where space is a constraint. It can easily accommodate four while taking the space of just one!

Our Industrial Style Dining Tables Collection

The collection of the industrial style dining table at Best of Exports comprises dining tables made from a plethora of materials. While the tables all have a metallic frame, the tabletop is crafted from materials like solid wood, reclaimed wood, and so on.

  • Industrial Metal Table

    The industrial metal table is crafted entirely with a metallic frame and body and thus is one of the sturdiest options available to you.
  • Industrial Wood Table

    If you choose the industrial wood table, you can easily match the strength of a metallic frame with the aesthetics of a solid wood tabletop.
  • Industrial Crank Table

    The crank design in the industrial crank table is a great alternative to go for when you are browsing for tables if you want adjustable height.
  • Industrial Pipe Table

    The industrial pipe table is made with a metallic pipe construction and has superior strength properties.