A coffee table is one of those pieces of furniture that gives your living room a wholesome look. The table can also act as an additional storage area to keep newspapers and magazines for the benefit of your guests. An industrial coffee table is a great addition to your living room or office waiting area because it features improvised looks and better strength qualities. In short, when you go for an industrial style coffee table you can be sure to get something very attractive and long-lasting.

Industrial Coffee Table Manufacturer & Exporter from India

Coffee tables are small and attractive pieces of furniture and Best of Exports is a reputed manufacturer & Supplier of different kinds of industrial coffee tables. Whether you are looking for a modern industrial coffee table or a rustic one, a round industrial coffee table or a square one, you can find it all in Best of Exports. These coffee tables are crafted with a premium quality metallic framework and add-ons compiled with other materials, mainly wood. The wood used is also of the highest quality ensuring that Best of Exports has buyers not only in India but also abroad!

Finishes We Use to Style Coffee Tables

Best of Exports is one of the finest places to look for different kinds of furniture items. We not only use quality materials at all times but also ensure that we have a variety of designs to offer. The round industrial coffee tables are brilliantly aesthetic while the modern industrial coffee table has a unique and sophisticated touch.

  • Round Industrial Coffee Table

    If you like your nook to be warm and welcoming or if you are short on space, then the round coffee table would be the perfect choice for your living room setup.
  • Square Industrial Coffee Table

    The square coffee table has a sturdy and attractive construction such that it looks great in traditional as well as modernistic homes without any problem. It has a very natural look and easily maintains the aesthetics of a place.
  • Rustic Industrial Coffee Table

    If you are fond of the warmth that a traditional setup emanates, then going for the rustic coffee table would be a great idea for the living room.
  • Modern Industrial Coffee Table

    The modern coffee table is a versatile unit such that it can be used in the living room of your home as well as the waiting area in your office.

Our Industrial Style Coffee Tables Collection

If a touch of grandeur is what your desire, then nothing can beat the amazing coffee table from the house of Best of Exports. It may so happen that your décor style demands a glass coffee table instead of a wooden one. When you shop from Best of Exports, you can easily get coffee tables crafted from all kinds of materials.

  • Cart Coffee Table

    The cart coffee table is a fun and unique addition to your living room. It has wheels attached to it giving it a unique look and allowing you added transportability.
  • Wood Coffee Table

    The wood coffee table is crafted with a metallic framework loaded with solid or reclaimed wood. The framework instills strength while the wooden body preserves the natural aesthetic.
  • Metal Coffee Table

    If you are looking for a sturdy piece of furniture displaying a vibrant look, then the metal coffee table should be your go-to choice.
  • Glass Coffee Table

    If you like to go for a sophisticated touch and look classy, glass furniture is a great way to do so and the glass coffee table is a great help at such times.
  • Industrial Coffee Table with Wheels

    The coffee table with wheels features a quirky and handy design upgrade giving you a fantastic coffee table that can be carried around!